Thursday, August 22, 2019

How to be a Fashionable Mom

Comfort and time savings are a priority when dressing a mother. Many times, this translates into monotonous, boring outfits and nothing fashion. In Affordable Makeup and Fashion, we know that you can learn how to be a fashionable mom, look chic and stylish in full motherhood.

Comfortable but chic clothes

To begin, we present a list of pieces of clothing that will make you feel confident to run, bend over and enjoy your day to day as a mother. Every mother who worries you most is your comfort, you can do it without losing sight of your style.

There are basic women's clothes, but if you ask yourself: “What do I wear to be a more fashionable mom?”, Pay attention to this list.


They combine with everything, they are timeless and give you freedom of movement. The high waist is the general recommendation for pants. This cut allows you to be comfortable when moving and also shapes the body.


These usually go with any piece and any style. So they should not be missing in the closet of a chic mom. Also, they are comfortable and fresh. With jeans, maxi skirts, dress pants, blazers and jerseys. Whatever you want to use, you can combine it with a women's t-shirt.

Button Shirts

If you choose the correct size it is a very comfortable garment that allows you to look casual or formal depending on the fabric and the cut. The button shirt cannot be missing for those moms who must run from school to the office.

It is also a basic, so it combines with everything and you can use day or night. Keep in mind that neutral colors are always the best option.


Many women forget about dresses after being mothers. One of the excuses is a little freedom that some give to move. But for that you just have to choose the right dress. That is not adjusted, prefers the cuts in A. And that the minimum length is to the knee.

The advantages of using them is that you should not choose other pieces to combine. So this is the fastest option while remaining fashionable. Neutral colors or timeless prints, such as stripes and geometric, are perfect to highlight.

How to be a fashionable mom

There are some tips to be a fashionable mom who are very easy to follow. They will make you get out of baggy and sporty clothes to become the trendiest and tidy woman you deserve to be.

Remember that motherhood makes you much more beautiful and empowered, so you should reflect it to the outside world.

The formal with the informal combines very well

Combining informal and comfortable pieces with some more elaborate ones, will make you look spectacular on a daily basis.

The combination par excellence is: unicolor t-shirt, jeans and blazer or jacket. Dressed like this it is impossible for you to look disheveled. Depending on the tasks of the day or the occasion, you can wear sneakers, ballerinas, boots or heels.

Acquire basic garments

This is indispensable. First, because the cost of clothing will be much lower.

Basic garments combine with everything and you can use them many times in different ways. In addition, they are timeless, so they will last a long time in your closet without the need to make endless expenses every season.

Buy accessories in trend

Beyond expensive clothes in trend, it is preferable that you buy fashion accessories since they are cheaper. Just as it combines being a mom and being fashionable, they combine with all your basic clothes.

Remember that you should not buy very large or extravagant accessories; They are usually the children's favorite toy when they are with mom.

Navy style

This style is really comfortable and never goes out of style. So, if you don't have much idea of ​​how to be a fashionable mother, it's the ideal. In addition, it is really comfortable and very easy to assemble.

The jerseys will be your best friends when it comes to meetings at school or at the park on a Sunday. Levis pants will surely complement your look perfectly.

Sportswear is for the gym

If after leaving your children at school, you do not go to the gym, then there is no need to wear sportswear. In short, one of the tips to be a chic mom is not to wear this gym look 24 hours a day.

Opt for jogger pants or jeans with comfortable shirts and shoes.

Wear clothes of your size

Forget about the big clothes! It is common for mothers to continue using what they bought when they were pregnant, or that they bought much larger pieces for "comfort." The truth is that you will feel great with clothes of your size. Also, you'll look more neat.

Feel comfortable with your body. If motherhood has given you a few extra pounds, think that they brought your beautiful children into the world, that is, they are worth it. So you don't want to hide anything after big outfits, they just make you look wider. Learn to dress your curves and you will look fabulous.

More tips for a fashion mom

Every mom fashion knows that the added value of a perfect look is to take the time to fix her hair, make up and have perfect nails. They might think they don't have the necessary availability, but there are ways to make this fast and daily habits.

  • Hair: Keeping it clean and healthy is the key. If you require a haircut, go to the beauty salon, you need to eliminate the broken ends regularly. With a healthy mane you can make very easy homemade hairstyles like ponytails or beach waves and you will look amazing.
  • Makeup: It is not necessary to be 45 minutes doing a professional makeup. Choose a light base that unifies the tones of your skin, a little blush that looks natural, mascara and lip gloss. It will not take you 15 minutes to achieve a fresh and natural look.
  • Nails: You should not go with the manicurist to have perfect nails. Keeping them healthy and clean from home is enough. Cut them regularly, clean your cuticles and do not wear enamels in half, when they start to fall, remove it.

Motherhood and fashion really go hand in hand. Show how beautiful you are inside and out with confidence and conviction. Remember, being true to your style is what matters most. We hope you have learned how to be a fashionable mom and that you maximize all your virtues.


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